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Westmill Classic Series Shoes

June 27, 2010

I know this isn’t jewelry but just bare with me.

You probably have never heard of this brand before and neither have I. I ran across an ad for one of their shoes in a Chinese magazine the other day and it caught my eye because I’ve never seen jewels encrusted on an athletic shoe before!

So, curiosity took over and I decided to do some research on the company (they are hard to find, but try if you are interested in their shoes) and turns out they have a decent collection of shoes. Their style reminds me of Mark Ecko shoes a lot, probably because of the urban art feel. Here are a few pictures of the particular shoe I looked at (Classic Series):

I am a sucker for jewels so you might be able to tell why I reviewed these particular shoes from the Westmill line. I enjoy the subtle look and feel of the Classic Series, the jewels on the side of the shoe add a touch of shine and elegance to a dryer, velvet/suede exterior. This particular shoe is available in both high top and low top versions. I really like the black/red colorway on their website.

Final Verdict: 3/5
Why: This might seem hypocritical since I kept raving about how I enjoyed jewels so much and how the jewels were what initially drew me toward the shoe. However, the more and more I look at this shoe, the more I realize that shoes should never have jewels on them! It is sort of like having jewels on a hat (sorry Ed Hardy), it just doesn’t quite belong. However, I really enjoyed the low top with the striped colorway on their website and wouldn’t mind having a pair of those (maybe). Overall, an average albeit flashy shoe to have in your collection.