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Affordable Swarovski Crystal Jewelry at Luxse.

August 2, 2010

I was sent a piece from a company called Luxse (, which specializes in selling Swarovski Crystal jewelry. They sent me their “Wingful Bliss” piece to review, which I have to admit, I really like.

Wingful Bliss Necklace
For the details: they use a sterling silver chain which is very neatly designed with hearts linked together rather than the ordinary and quite average box style chain. Wingful Bliss also features an interesting, yet elegant bail in the shape of a leaf, also sterling silver. The main pendant itself is a Swarovski Crystal shaped in a wing, with an ever so subtle black hue, which I think is exquisite.

What I love best? The price. I recently browsed their website and these necklaces are going for $30 at the moment, a steal compared to the triple digit figures you’re likely to see in the actual Swarovski store itself.

Final Verdict: 4/5

Wingful Bliss, side view
Why: Affordable, stylish and beautiful. A great gift for a significant other, or for a single woman, a nice gift to wear for herself. Subtle but sure to attract some attention and eyeballs. Well done.